Parallel# 10: Patience

In Chess, once you make your move, you wait for your opponent to reply (if you are playing White; of course, if you are playing Black, you start off waiting!)

In life, we generally don’t want to wait for the other person to say what they want to say or do what they want to do so that we can have our turn. We think, or at least I do think, that I can do it quicker and better, only if it was my turn. I am not very patient. I have never been. However, I am analytical – a subject for another day – and this has helped me observe that Chess forces me to be patient when I am playing the game. To wait til it’s my turn.

There have been times during the game when I thought I had seen every move, only to realize that I had not seen it all… when my opponent makes her move. Then I wish I had used the time I walked away from the board or thought “how slow”… to think about my response to the move. I know life is not a game. For some people, chess is not a game either!

I think the patience that Chess demands, from waiting to make your move, to waiting for the round to finish before you can play the next game at a tournament, can be applied to life outside Chess. May be cut out the wanting to win attitude for now.

Back to life: since I am training myself to be more adept at managing my finances, I have to learn to wait for the year end to before reap the fruits of my savings or investments. To have the patience to see the fruits of what I have learnt so far. Not very exciting or easy but worth it.

How patient are you? Did Chess or some other game have anything to do with it? What are your ways/tricks of “forcing” yourself to be patient when you play Chess and/or away from a Chessboard?


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