Parallels between chess and life

This will be a series where by I will go through some things that I believe are required for one to be a success at Chess and for one to live a more fulfilling life. So far I have come up with the following things, but I will add to it in due time.

1. Life: Make more than you spend (-actually, spend less than you make). Chess: Play with players better than yourself.

2. Life: Track every cent that you spend/earn. Chess: Account for every piece on the Chessboard – yours and your opponent’s.

3. Life: Count to 32 before you spend your money. Chess: Count to 32 before you touch the piece you want to move/play.

4. Life: Analyze your expenses. Chess: Analyze your games; annotate every move.

5. Life: Start early. Chess: Start early.

6. Life: Develop good habits. Chess: Develop good habits.

7. Life: Passive income is the best and easiest way to earn money. Chess: passive thought is the best and easiest way to play good chess.

8. Life: Have an “EMERGENCY FUND”. Chess: Cover your bases (MAKE SURE THE KING IS SAFE!)

9. Life: Learn to live without. Chess: Learn to play without.

More to come… -)

10. Life: Patience. Chess: One move at a time (- patience)


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